Metallized printing


Metallized printing services are among the main services of Shahrang printing house. Shahrang Printing House uses offset printing on metallization by using various and new machines as well as creative designers. In Shahrang, we use metallized technology in luxurious and stylish packages. Their color is usually silver and gold, which is a common silver rust. We usually use silver in making sticky back labels or holograms. It is also widely used in printing various types of luxury boxes, fancy boxes, gold foil, in various applications such as pharmaceutical and food industries.
Why use the metallized printing services of Shahrang Company?

Due to the modernization of the machines and the use of quality raw materials, our printed product is very special and with high resolution. Our customers’ satisfaction is proof of this claim. Boxes and packages made with metallized printing technology, including luxury boxes, fancy boxes used for mobile phones, expensive goods, etc., have a stylish and beautiful appearance.

We use adhesive metallization in making adhesive back labels or holograms. All products produced with metallurgical technology instill in the buyer a sense of price and style.