Shahrang Company Services

Talaie Gostaran Shahrang Company is proud to provide the best quality printing services to its dear customers. Shahrang Printing offers a variety of printing services that using the latest machines in the world. and also having full experience. printing machines was updatting and modernizing with the latest technology of European companies in the last few years

Our experienced and committed printing team under the management.the esteemed manager of Shahrang collection, guarantees the quality and speed of order delivery for you. Our printing company offers many services to esteemes customers. These services include: offset printing on talc, offset on metallized as well as adhesive paper and labels on the back, eight-color printing with gilding, silver stamping, cellophane, UV  and die-casting with the highest resolution and quality, offset roll And flexo, printing all kinds of luxury and fancy boxes, etc. These are just a few of our company’s services to our valued customers and compatriots

Our company does offset printing with the most up-to-date machines and in the shortest possible time on a variety of materials such as talc and metallization for dear customers

Our company’s plans and services are accompanied by a guarantee. We can boldly say that during about half a century of experience of Shahrang printing house, few people have been dissatisfied with our services. Therefore, dear compatriots can easily leave any of their printed work to us without any doubt. The annual reputation of our company is the satisfaction of our dear customers and our goal is to attract their satisfaction as much as possible