business card

business card Have you ever think about a business card? Have you ever think about benefits of business cards for your job? If you are an entrepreneur and have not yet had a business card in your job and business, you are sorely mistaken. Business card is not just a small card that make of different materials such as gold or PVC business card or paper or others. This card […]
از فناوری دایکات یا برش قالب در ساخت انواع جعبه و کارتن (بوسه مرگ) استفاده میشود die cut technology uses to make boxes (kiss cutting)or carton to any shape and size with special tempelate

die cut

What is die cutting in die cut technology, molds can make from of a variety of materials such as paper, card, cardboard, etc. with any shape and size you want. This method is using in many cases to produce boxes (cartons). For each job, a special template designes that makes for that job. The blade enters the material and cuts them. They are usually make of steel, which is protecting […]
چاپ افست چیست؟ مزایا و معایب آنWhat is offset printing? Advantages and disadvantages


What is offset printing Offset printing is a method in which the best printing quality is provided in the highest circulations ordered and due to the existence of highly advanced facilities and equipment in this printing method, quality control is possible in an appropriate and acceptable manner in all stages However Printing equipment is available professionally Offset printing is sometimes called surface printing because of there is no protrusion or […]

The difference between roll and sheet technologies

What is the difference between roll and sheet technology In roll printing, the printing speed is so high that the roll printing machine It can have 60,000 copies of the output form in one hour In sheet printing, the maximum print speed is 10,000 copies per hour In roll printing, the printing machine performs the folding operation simultaneously with the printing process This speeds up the binding of the roll […]
چاپ متالایزر چیست و چه کابردی دارد؟What is metallized printing and in what cases is it used?

What is metallized printing?

What is the meaning of metallized printing How ever this is a new method that can use it in exquisite works and for special packaging such as eau de cologne boxes and valuable products. What are the uses of metallized printing Metallized films and papers are widely used in the printing of fancy, luxury boxes, gold foil and holograms. they take. Metallized printing is also widely useing in various applications […]

Adhesive metallization

Metallic coloring in another word Metallization is usually silver and gold Types of labels are adhesive back or self-adhesive How ever Adhesive metallization consists of three parts that surface and outsole and In addition adhesive procedure There are different types of procedures and the type of label is known as its procedure The procedures used in labels can be divided into two groups: paper and film, the thickness of which […]

Comparison of offset printing of rolls and sheets

Introduction Many consider the invention of the printing press to be the most important invention of mankind throughout history. Throughout history, the printing industry has played an invaluable role in recording, storing, and distributing information throughout the universe Since the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, many advances have been made in the printing industry Currently, the most common printing technology in the world for printing more […]