Talayeh Gostaran Shahrang, which was founded in 1972, with more than four decades of continuous and dynamic activity, is now known as one of the top printing houses in this industry.

The management structure of this collection has always tried to play a dynamic and systematic role in the development and excellence of the printing industry infrastructure and relying on its knowledge and manpower in order to achieve goals such as technology promotion and acceleration of the printing process and services. Take valuable steps after printing.

Shahrang Complex currently employs more than 30 people directly as a printing company in the field of printing and packaging industry at a leading level.

Its movement process is based on a correct management approach in such a way that all processes are followed by increasing knowledge and experience based on a uniform and coordinated systematic thinking.

The company uses the best machines and technologies in the world and by doing offset printing on metallization and adhesive backing papers, transparent and raga sheets, all types, PVC, PE, PP PNC with straw and cellophane printing services, Gilding and UV is done. Shahrang, using modern and fully automatic machines from the best German brands (Nilper and Heidelberg), has been able to print eight colors with gold, silver, cellophane, UV and die-cast at the same time with high quality and high delivery speed for you dear ones Bring.

Some of the customers of Sharang collection are: Chupan Food Industries Company, Miun Food Industries Company, Paxan Company, Iran Air, Samsung, LG, Rare Food Industries Company, Etka Chain Store, Sehat Detergents and Hygiene Company, Vitana Food Industries Company , Irancell and Hamrah Aval telephone operators.