die cut

از فناوری دایکات یا برش قالب در ساخت انواع جعبه و کارتن (بوسه مرگ) استفاده میشود die cut technology uses to make boxes (kiss cutting)or carton to any shape and size with special tempelate

What is die cutting

in die cut technology, molds can make from of a variety of materials such as paper, card, cardboard, etc. with any shape and size you want. This method is using in many cases to produce boxes (cartons). For each job, a special template designes that makes for that job. The blade enters the material and cuts them. They are usually make of steel, which is protecting by a plastic cover. In die cut we have a process which is call kiss cutting. In this method, only a part of the material cuts by the cutting machine. We have wrinkles in the methods use to produce cartons. These creases increase the accuracy of box production and reduce the error rate to a minimum

Why this technology? What are the benefits of it’s using

We was showing a lot of reasons for using die cut technology, but if we want to be more precise, it is possible to customize the order in this job. In such a way that paper and cardboard can cut in any shape and form that the customer wants! This was enough to realize that with this process, for example, a special box will make for a beautiful gift, the combination of die cut and metallized printing (in kiss cutting) can make unique and beautiful boxes to any shape and size with special template. especially for giving as a gift to friends. or a lovely person that you love it

Who are the users of die cut

Some printing presses use die cut technology, some on a large scale and some on a more limited scale

Some of these machines even have the ability to cut fabric, vinyl and etc


What is the product of this technology

As i mentioned before, you can use die cutting to cut to specific sizes and make different products such as greeting cards, boxes, envelopes, gift stickers and etc