چاپ افست چیست؟ مزایا و معایب آنWhat is offset printing? Advantages and disadvantages

What is offset printing

Offset printing is a method in which the best printing quality is provided

in the highest circulations ordered and due to the existence of highly

advanced facilities and equipment in this printing method, quality control is possible

in an appropriate and acceptable manner in all stages

However Printing equipment is available professionally Offset printing is sometimes

called surface printing because of there is no protrusion or depression in the interface or zinc

Types of offset machines

Dry offset

Wet offset in other words normal

Sheet offset printing machine

 Rotary printing machine In addition offset roll

The general concept of offset printing

In general terms that offset is a printing system that today is widely used for

printing a variety of health and food and industrial and advertising uses, including general forms

and everything that is to be printed on metallization and

adhesive labels and plywood and plywood and plywood and transparent coatings

And raga is used to print with high circulation and quality

In offset printing, the color system (CMYK) stands for Cyan and Magenta and Yellow and Black

The difference between roll printing and offset printing systems can be

considered in the type of input paper into the each systems