Adhesive metallization

Metallic coloring

in another word Metallization is usually silver and gold

Types of labels are adhesive back or self-adhesive

How ever Adhesive metallization consists of three parts that surface and outsole and In addition adhesive


There are different types of procedures and the type of label is known as its procedure

The procedures used in labels can be divided into two groups: paper and film, the thickness of which varies


It is generally made of paper that is coated with silicone to give it a release

property and therefore the label can be easily removed


The thickness of the adhesive is about 5 microns,

which is used for laminating the top and outsole

Adhesive metallization is used on for example glass and metal and plastic and

industrial parts due to its good adhesion

Metallized labels are used in luxury works and cosmetics,

food containers and holograms and home appliances and industrial and automotive parts